About us

Jean-Philippe Miest
Jean-Philippe Miest has always had a passion for nature and gardening.

He launched his career in 1978 as a dynamic and committed businessman, hiring a highly qualified team and founding JPM Design sprl, a landscape design and architecture company which offers professional, tailor-made and holistic solutions in order to create the indoor and outdoor surroundings of your dreams.


PLANTS : Plants are the source of life itself, so clearly professional knowledge is essential in this area. Whether they are for a miniature garden or a large park, we can offer you the advice you need when it comes to choosing from an endless variety of plants.

ROCKS AND STONES : Stone is an essential material in garden architecture; different shapes and sizes can help create all kinds of combinations and constructions.

WATER : There are thousands of different ways to use water, a basic component of gardening: from integrated watering systems to creating areas of wellbeing (pools and ponds, fountains …).

WOOD : A noble material, choosing wood means giving your garden a natural touch.

A FEW MORE THINGS : Lighting systems, sprinklers, cast-iron constructions, garden furniture, small cottages, fountains, ceramics and pottery will help us put the finishing touches to your very own, original garden.

Your garden is much more than just a place to relax; above all, it is the mirror of your home or business, which is why we want it to be in perfect harmony with you.

Creating gardens of all shapes and sizes means that we are always on the ball and very good at listening to our customers.
Striking the ideal balance between the budget we have agreed on and the work we have set out to accomplish is our mission. Rest assured that we take care to provide flawless results – we pride ourselves on fulfilling your expectations.

With JPM Design, nothing is left to chance! We work on the basis of an estimate clearly defined by hourly fees.

What’s more, with the help of highly qualified partners we can guide you through each individual phase of the creation and upkeep of the surroundings of your home:

  • the initial concept (design and planning)
  • its realization
  • long-term maintenance

If you would like to request further information or an estimate,

please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by phone +32 2 653 04 95 or +32 475 63 24 12 or by using the contact form.