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  • Decorative Embankments
    Decorative Embankments
    A decorative embankment made of rocks and plants in order to offset the differences in height around the house. (The rocks come from the Hainaut quarry and weigh 500 to 1500 kg each.)
  • Landscaped Terrace
    Landscaped Terrace
    A landscaped terrace in the heart of urban Brussels. This space was commissioned by a large Brussels company and created on top of structures which can carry only limited loads. The terrace garden was designed for the company’s employees, providing them with a space to relax in on fair days. The challenge here was to […]
  • Natural Pool
    Natural Pool
    A natural pool to swim in, created in a medium-sized garden in the south of Brussels.
  • City Garden
    City Garden
    A strip of green created on a very narrow city garden surface (6 x 25m) in the community of Uccle.
  • Shady Garden
    Shady Garden
    This garden concept revolves around the perspective on its centerpiece, a beautiful fountain (visual garden).
  • Garden Restoration
    Garden Restoration
    Restoration of an architectural garden originally designed by the famous architect Horta.
  • Green Walls
    Green Walls
    A green wall completes the patio of a prestigious boutique in the upscale “Haut de Ville” district.
  • Entrance to a Cozy Cottage
    Entrance to a Cozy Cottage
    Patio providing access to a small private home near the center of Genval (on the outskirts of Brussels).
  • Contemporary Garden
    Contemporary Garden
    The relaxing atmosphere of a contemporary private garden.
  • Garden in Brabant-Wallon
    Garden in Brabant-Wallon
    A country garden planned and realized in Brabant Wallon.
  • Aquatic Garden Scene
    Aquatic Garden Scene
    Aquatic garden scene in the midst of natural garden surroundings.
  • Promenade Garden
    Promenade Garden
    A promenade running through a garden 3000 m² wide, realized by offsetting the sunken, embanked terrain.
  • Rock Garden
    Rock Garden
    Creation a new entryway to a cottage. Previously, the basement had been serving the entire infrastructure of this residence.
  • Tree House
    Tree House
    The trunk of an ancient chestnut tree inspired us to build a tree house (construction of a suspended tree house).
  • Country Pool
    Country Pool
    This swimming pool has become part of a country garden. The technical difficulty here was that the pool had to be built on land with a ground water level located a mere 80 cm under the surface of the soil.
  • Entryway Pavement
    Entryway Pavement
    This entryway was paved with old-fashioned, second-hand cobblestones. A carport was also included in the access area to a small farm in Brabant Wallon.
  • City Garden
    City Garden
    A brushwood garden in the south of Brussels.
  • Decorative fountain
    Decorative fountain
  • Restful corner
    Restful corner
    A multi-level concept applied to a country-style garden.
  • Wet Zone
    Wet Zone
    Creation of an aquatic garden scene with rocks and stones including small pieces of unrefined granite from the Belgian pierre bleue quarries.
  • Water scene
    Water scene
    Water Scene designed with a lagoon for filtration.
  • Visual Garden
    Visual Garden
    Restful corner in the midst of surroundings rich in diverse botanical flora. A garden in Brabant Wallon.
  • Four Seasons Garden
    Four Seasons Garden
    As the seasons change, this Loire Valley property enjoys a diverse environment. Photograph of a four seasons garden.