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Architecte paysagiste

Landscape Architecture

Every beautiful garden is the result of a good plan. Thanks to his training, a landscape architect is not just someone who runs a gardening business. Drawing up plans is his mission.

And he does this based on your wishes, your lifestyle and your budget…to mention just a few of the many aspects he will need to consider before providing you with a first draft.

What can JPM Design do for you?

  • We study and draw up projects for any indoor space or outdoor area.
  • We provide topographical and geographical plans for the areas we will be working on.
  • We carry out soil analysis and assess your water sources and supply.

We compile a detailed portfolio, including an initial and final draft of the project, a plan of measures to be carried out, a technical plan, a planting plan, project specifications & requirements, an estimate, timeline and site surveillance plan. For projects subject to a request for permission from the municipal authorities (such as environmental impact assessment or a tree felling permit) we will be happy to take care of the paperwork for you. Our team is available to carry out your project from start to finish.

Création de parcs et de jardins

Creation of Gardens and Parks

For us, your property is like a canvas. We look forward to filling it with a beautiful design, and together we will decide which types of plants and material elements are most appropriate to develop and showcase your home and its surroundings. Trees and shrubs, perennials, lawns, terraces, water areas, pavements or tiles…

We can organize and enhance your garden with young and mature plants. We work with nurseries specialized in each and every category of the botanical nomenclature. We will be happy to advise you and arrange everything.

Aménagement de terrasse

Terraces, Terraced Gardens and Pavements

Tiles and pathways in natural stone, terra cotta, concrete or dolomite….so many materials, forms and colors to choose from, depending on your taste, your needs and how much you want to spend. And of course the design of your new terrace will emphasize the beauty of your home, its architecture its natural surroundings.

Paving and tiling provide added value for your surroundings in terms of comfort, aesthetics and functionality. Here again, we can offer valuable advice, and when we take on a project we guarantee not only solid construction work but also beautiful finishing touches. For our projects, we plan and provide for all appropriate construction measures with respect to footpaths and driveways, parking spaces, garage access, roads, terraces, quiet corners, swimming pools, sports facilities…


Fences and Hedges

In order to draw boundaries around your property and protect the privacy of your garden, or even in order to literally protect it, we can suggest all sorts of enclosures: wood panels, either solid or latticed, enclosures, fences and gates made of various other materials, green enclosures…

There is a wide range of options, and naturally we will choose the most appropriate solution together.

Cabane en bois

Wooden Structures

No matter what type of structure you may choose to develop and enhance your garden with, wood (and we prefer to use durable wood) is the perfect material. These could be: a terrace, a gazebo, a playground for your children, a pool house near your swimming pool, a car port, a portal, a tree house, a pergola, wooden steps…

The choices are endless. Whatever it is you require, we can deliver it. We will design all of the components needed for your project and install them for you.

Pièce d'eau

Ponds and Pools

Water has always been an essential element of garden life. The soothing sound of running water conveys a feeling of serenity and calm, whether it comes from a basin or a natural pool, from a pond or a fountain…in any garden, the natural pools we design quickly become small aquatic landscapes. No two aquatic scenes are the same, but they all draw attention to themselves with equal intensity.

A new trend is to swim in natural pools that are wide and deep enough, and this is more than feasible. Swimming in natural surroundings is becoming increasingly popular. They blend easily into any garden, and, what’s more, they are a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative than conventional swimming pools. However, you will need our professional assistance in order to ensure a sufficient amount of aquatic flora, thus guaranteeing adequate purification of the water. The best solution is to provide for a second pool, filled entirely with plants, with a pump ensuring the circulation of the water between the open swimming area and the lagoon pool.

Toitures vegetales

Vertical Gardens and Roof Gardens

In our cities, where surfaces available for planting are becoming more and more scarce, the idea of creating gardens on vertical and horizontal surfaces is a clever and attractive idea. A vertical garden will immediately enhance the aesthetic image of your home.

You would like to hide an ugly wall? Transform it into a vertical garden! Green walls are also ideal for small gardens, courtyards or roof terraces. They allow us to make full use of the available ground space, by enhancing it with beautiful flowers and plants. But there are many other advantages as well. For instance, vertical gardens also help filter fine particles and dust. They protect your walls from the rain, they attract birds and insects and reduce your utility bills due to the extra insulation they provide.

Our green walls and roofs are gardens between heaven and earth.

Elagage et abattage

Pruning and Felling of Trees

As the years go by, nature takes its toll and the same is true of your trees and shrubs. Pruning and cutting or felling are a delicate job, they can be dangerous and call for specific techniques. It is imperative that these tasks be entrusted to qualified professionals like us.

Due to our vast experience, we can guarantee that your trees will be treated with respect and that the services provided by our skilled professionals will always be of the highest quality. You should also be aware that in general, a permit from the municipal authorities is required for tree felling.

Entretien de jardins

Garden Maintenance

You would like your garden to look impeccable whatever the season. But you don’t have the time to look after it yourself. You can count on us.

Whether you are looking for year-round maintenance, a one-off visit or any other type of assistance (cutting back plants, mowing lawns…), we are experts in garden maintenance for private homeowners, shared properties and companies. Contact us for a free estimate.

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